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The Insulated Bow Mitt™ was designed by a frustrated Bowhunter that suffered on too many occasions with a frozen bow hand. Enough was enough! Messing with gloves or grabbing your freezing riser too early is a sure recipe for disaster.   The Insulated Bow Mitt™ now allows you to sit, concentrating on the hunt with one less distraction.  Be on stand with a warm, comfortable, bare hand against your bow, hunting not just surviving. No more frozen finger malady! No more getting busted reaching for your bow! Are you out there? Are you comfortable and warm? Are you ready when the moment comes? The Insulated Bow Mitt™ guarantees you'll be warm and ready...now get out there and hunt!!!
– Randy Stoppenhagen

Which Mitt is right for you?

Just get your bow mitt? Here’s the info on how to get it on your bow correctly:



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