Bow Mitt Reviews

Joe Slye  recommends Better The Hunt.

If your not considering the bow mitt, You are missing out on the best product for a bow hunter in cold conditions. Shoot your bow as comfortable as you have all summer long when it’s crunch time in the field. Warm hands make bloodtrails and bloodtrails lead to smiles in camo. #8upwithit


Have to be honest was very skeptical when I was first introduced to the mitt. After having a 17° all afternoon sit in the deer stand, deer just kept coming in to feed, knowing I had a huge buck in the area, I knew I had to have my bow in my hand cause he could walk out at anytime, my hand getting cold would force me to keep hanging my bow back up so I knew I needed something besides a glove to keep my hand warm, I mentioned this scenario to a buddy Jon Sanders and he referred me to Randy and Better The Hunt. a
Although I didnt harvest the buck, I got to use and test the insulated bow mitt during some very cold days hog hunting and turkey hunting, lets just say "This Mitt is Legit" I actually shoot tighter groups with it on and it keeps my hand warm, which helps keep my body warm! Cant wait to get in the deer stand no matter the cold and know I have one less thing to worry about while holding my bow! Just try it!!!


Sammy Jean Robinson reviewed Better The Hunt  5 star

BTH Insulated Bow Mitt helps with accuracy while shooting in the field. Not only does the Mitt keep my hand warm but also helps to keep my bow stabilized while shooting. Amazing product and brilliant idea! Better The Hunt has come out with an impressive solution in helping us become better sportsman. Can’t wait to use the mitt during bow season to harvest another monster buck!


Alec Moncini  recommends Better The Hunt.

Very impressed with the insulated bow mitt. BTH turned my opinion of hating gloves while bow hunting to loving the mitt and not wanting to shoot without it. The mitt is super warm, extremely comfortable and very impressive on how well it adjusts and fits every shooting style out there. Don’t forget the customer service their team shows is amazing




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