Robert McIntyre Success Using the Mitt in MI

May 17, 2018

Robert McIntyre Success Using the Mitt in MI

I’m Robert McIntyre, I’m from Michigan, I’m a Field Staff member currently for Better The Hunt®. I met Randy at an Expo in Michigan and I was very interested in how the Mitt would fit on my bow and effect my shooting of the bow. I don’t like wearing gloves while I hunt or in cold weather so I looked at this to be an opportunity to try his product. 

   I put the Mitt on my hunting bow and shot in early March, which it’s still cold here in Michigan, and shot a few times and it seems to not affect my shooting and it kept my hand warm the entire time. Then I had the first outdoor 3D archery tournament of the year come and it was 25 degrees at the start time. I remembered I have a Mitt and I decided, I’m going to put it on my 3D bow and put it to the true test in a tournament setting. So the night before I threw it on my bow and shot it. It shot well but I thought let’s see if I can win a tournament with it. 

     The day of the shoot I showed up with the Mitt on my bow and instantly people started asking about the Mitt and all said, "he’s a smart guy for wearing that today." So as the tournament started I was shooting normal and still making great shots, even though it was cold and a little windy, my hand stayed warm with the Mitt. After the tournament was done I was curious to see if I shot well enough with the Mitt, on my bow for the first time, to win in my class. Come to find out I took first in my class!  This officially made me a firm believer in the Mitt and I will back it up 110%. It truly works and doesn’t affect your shooting ability! For everyone out there If you’re hunting or shooting tournaments, the Mitt will not let you down!

Regards-Robert McIntyre



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