Staying warm during those long, cold hunts has never been easier, thanks to Better The Hunt’s patented and patent-pending lineup of warm and comfortable hunting mitts, which now includes a new Crossbow, Rifle, Shotgun and Multi-Mitt, complementing its already popular compound Bow Mitt. 

“We’re thrilled to expand the lineup and give our customers what they’ve been asking for – a hand warming solution that covers them during all hunting seasons, in all hunting climates,” said Randy Stoppenhagen, CEO of Better The Hunt. “The days of struggling with freezing hands, hot packs that fall out of your pockets, and awkward gloves and muffs are over – Better The Hunt has the solution to keep you out there hunting longer.” 

From the early archery season to the late season grind and every freezer-filling season in between, Better The Hunt’s insulated lineup allows the hunter to maintain their shooting form, while staying warm. Insulated Mitts provide the hunter with the ability to keep direct contact with the riser or stock, ensuring proper shot execution, while staying warm and comfortable.

Designed to affix to any crossbow stock, or shotgun and rifle stock (Shotgun Mitt approved for use on airguns, muzzleloader approved for use with Rifle or Shotgun Mitt, model depending), the Crossbow, Rifle and Shotgun Mitts feature additional interior hand warming pockets for those extra long sits. Additionally, Better The Hunt’s Shotgun and Rifle Mitts feature elastic ammunition slots for quick and easy access. Available in Earth Brown and Tactical Black and featuring 3M Thinsulate™ technology, the Crossbow, Rifle and Shotgun Mitts will MSRP for $59.95.

Serving as a trigger hand or release hand warmer, the Multi-Mitt is the perfect accessory for any hunter. A wrist strap ensures constant connectivity, while wind blocking technology keeps your digits warm for when it matters most. Available in Earth Brown and Tactical Black and featuring 3M Thinsulate™ technology, the Multi-Mitt will MSRP for $49.95.

Better The Hunt is the brainchild of avid hunter Randy Stoppenhagen, who entered the outdoor world hunting whitetail in the northern states and tracking elk across the mountains. After struggling through late season snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures, the idea of an Insulated Bow Mitt was born and developed into the expansive product line of 2020, featuring Insulated Mitt options for hunters of all disciplines. Stay out there and hunt longer with Better The Hunt. Visit Better The Hunt on Facebook and Instagram, and visit for more information on the product lineup, how to order and more.