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Install was easy, good instructions. Looks good and performs great. Here’s a 30 yard group with the mitt on. It’s almost impossible to hold a group like this with a heavy glove on your bow hand at 30 yards! I think I’m going to like this a lot now that it’s getting cold here in WI. Dan N.
I was super skeptical about the mitt, but I took Randy’s advice and strapped the mitt on my bow and after a couple little adjustments I was hitting the target in the same spot as I was without the mitt on. I went on a 9 day elk hunt and the temperature wasn’t all that warm but my shooting hand was comfortable and the mitt helped me harvest my first archery elk. Thank you Better The Hunt for an amazing product.

Ricky Sellers Ricky Sellers
I’m new to big game archery hunting and I am so glad I had this mitt! I’ve stood on the deck of a bow-fishing boat many of times in twenty degree weather, passing on fish after fish because I didn’t want to take my hand out of my pockets to grab that cold aluminum riser to take a shot.

The Insulated Bow Mitt was great during my deer hunt! It kept my bow hand comfortable during the moment of truth! I will definitely be investing in another one just for bow-fishing!!

Thanks Better the Hunt for an outstanding product! Tony F.
2016 Idaho, late December archery. Weather was 10 degrees, my hands stayed warm during the long period of time I held onto my bow waiting for a shot. The Bow Mitt enabled me to keep my had warm enough to pull the shot off. Thanks for the great product! Rockie Jacobsen
Owner Rocky Mountain Game Calls
I was amazed at the comfort of the mitt and there is absolutely no interference with the shot. It makes the bow feel like a part of my arm. Thanks Better the Hunt for a great product! Jay P.
In Northern Michigan it can get really cold during whitetail season, especially in December. The Bow Mitt extends my season by making it comfortable now hunting into the late season. Without it I flat out don't go out as much! Matt S.
Northern Michigan
Just look at the picture, gotta love the Better The Hunt Mitt. I purchased the mitt in Mossy Oak Brush Camo. Wes P.
Coopersville, MI
I can tell you from using the bow mitt that you'll use it over and over! Cold weather it's amazing...and you can put a hand warmer in it to insure you hand won't get cold while holding your bow waiting for that animal to step into range. Directions are easy to follow for installation and it won't effect your shooting....and did I mention it doubles as hand warmers for your ATV? It does!!

Inner Outdoors Inner Outdoors
Here are photos of my doe I harvested on Dec. 28, 2016. It was cloudy and about 10 degrees. She came in just before 4pm behind my stand and gave me a 25 yard shot. She went only 20 yards, meat in the freezer! The only thing that wasn't cold was my bow hand! Dan N.