For Alaska, Hawaii and Canada please call.

Lance Palma
Pro Staff member


I was born and raised in Michigan and grew up hunting Whitetail deer with bow and rifle. I have also hunted Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Ontario and B.C Canada.

I have been married for 27 years to my wife Sally and have 2 grown children, Aaron and Molly.

I have used the Bow Mitt this past winter Coyote hunting in temperatures in the low teens and it kept my Bow hand warm in all weather conditions. I look forward to using it this fall. Using the Bow Mitt will help keep me in the field longer and will make any hunt more successful.

Ty Stoppenhagen
Pro Staff Member


Ty was born and raised on a farm near Decatur, Indiana. It was here as a young boy in the Midwest, where he spent countless hours and cold early mornings before school following his father through the creeks and ditches trapping muskrats, and mink.

“At the age of 10, my cousin bought me my first bow. It was all over after that.” says Stoppenhagen. “Whitetail hunting has completely consumed me. I live for it 365 days a year.”

Ty made his outdoor debut in 2011 as a Pro Staff member of the TV show Anything Wild. “When Better The Hunt contacted me about their new line of products, I was curious. Everybody seems to be coming out with products, why should I trust this one? I first used the Insulated Bow Mitt last winter. It was to say the least, the ONE item I was missing in my pack. My hand stayed unbelievably warm and dry…. PLUS it doesn’t affect your bow grip what so ever.”

Stoppenhagen spends his falls chasing trophy game animals across the States and we are eager for him to put our Better The Hunt products to the test.

Matthew Evans
Pro Staff Member

Matthew has hunted the mountains of Idaho from the time he was 11 years old. Archery elk in September, archery mule deer in November, and archery white tail in December, along with spring turkey are hunts he is passionate about. These hunts canvas the dense forests of northern Idaho, to the sagebrush desert of southern Idaho, and everything in between.

Matthew lives in Meridian, Idaho with his wife Lori, and two children.



Pro Staff member

My name is Cloyd VARNER from the state of Pennsylvania. I’ve always been out in the woods from the time I was a child helping the elders of the family track and recover their animals, to my own outdoor adventures afield. I’ve been hunting for 33 years and for me its not always the harvest that mean the most it’s the memories and knowledge that mean the most to me. As someone who hunts in cold weather, I believe the Better The Hunt bow mitt is a invaluable tool that everyone should have in their arsenal.

Dan Neumer
Pro Staff member

I’m Dan Neumer from the State of Wisconsin. I’ve been hunting the woods of Wisconsin since age 12.  I spend as much time as possible in the woods hunting, scouting, and preparing for my next hunt.  Wisconsin weather can be quite cold and miserable, so my Insulated Bow Mitt has become a must!  The last four years I’ve hunted exclusively with archery equipment for Turkey & Whitetails and the Bow Mitt has been a game changer.

When I’m not hunting, you can find me passing my passion of archery and hunting out with my 10 year old daughter, Isabelle, and my wife of 19 years, Beth.



Dana DuMond

Pro Staff Member


Since the first time I saw photo’s of the Bow Mitt, I told Better The Hunt that I NEED this product!

I always hunt in late winter, in the snow in Idaho. I can’t wait for this year’s season to start. I love the fit on my bow so much, I’m going to use it on my Competition Bow as well.

So if you are in Southwest Idaho and see out and about, me hit me up and I’ll set you up with a sample of the mitt to test.

Zachary McKibben
Pro Staff member

Zachary Mckibben, 26 years old. Father, Hunter Fisherman. Born and raised in Ohio. Co-Owner of Rack City Whitetails LLC, creating a tv series. He films hunts and outdoor adventures while educating and promoting products he uses and believes in, and that the average men and woman can afford!

Kyle Willis

Pro Staff Member

My name is Kyle and am 23 years old, I grew up and still live in Michigan to this day. I got started hunting when I was 5 years old with my dad who always took me out. Ever since then it has became an addiction to me. I also enjoy fishing when I am not in the woods. Randy, the owner of “Better The Hunt” first approached me at my work, an archery shop. He showed me the bow mitt and I immediately loved the product! Ever since that day it has kept my hand warm and has actually made me shoot better! I will never go into the woods again without the bow mitt!

Sammy Robinson

Pro Staff Member

Hey there! My name is Sammy, I’m 26 years old born and raised in Michigan! I grew up with a father and brother that hunted. It wasn’t until my father passed away in 2013 that I got big into hunting. So everything I have accomplished in the outdoors is in hopes he would be proud. I have grown such a great love for bow hunting. Every second I get I spend in the field. You could say I have a bit of an obsession chasing these monsters and everything I have learned I researched on my own. I have a true interest in continuing in this industry.

Like many bow hunters I am not a fan of wearing gloves while I’m sitting in a tree. Every hunter knows that being ready and prepared for when a buck comes in is very important because that may be the only chance you get all season. Randy, the owner of “Better The Hunt” has come out with such a brilliant idea with this Insulated Mitt. I could not wait to get my hands on one! And to say I am impressed would be a understatement. No more frozen fingers while I wait for my next big buck!