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This Insulated Bow Mitt™ is designed by a bow hunter for bow hunters. Randy Stoppenhagen, a long-time hunter from the state of Idaho who knows first hand the meaning of a warm, solid hand when it comes to holding steady on that kill shot. Having that same hand bare you’ve practiced with all summer is crucial when taking aim late in the season. The Insulated Bow Mitt allows you to use your bare hand even in the coldest of temperatures.

The Insulated Bow Mitt™ has a built in adjustable wrist strap. The Mitt itself is adjustable for any hand size or style of shooting. Whether you shoot with a closed or open hand, the Insulated Bow Mitt™ is made to fit you. 200-gram of Thinsulate material insulates the Bow Mitt and is machine washable and air dry. On a side note, hand warmers can fit nicely in the finger pocket of the glove in extreme temperatures giving that extra warmth needed from time to time. Currently, our Bow Mitts come in a choice of 4 left and right camo designs.

I enjoy the peace that the woods brings to my soul and I am always looking at my hunting surroundings and how to make the odds tip even greater in my favor, hence these innovative products we offer on this site. – Randy Stoppenhagen